BEFORE CNIGS 2014-2015
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AFTER UAV 2016-10

Credits for UAVCompare-Haiti Map 2016-10

OSM Volunteers Response to Haiti Matthew Hurricane that landed on Oct. 4 2016

The Matthew Hurricane Category 4, with winds up to 230km, has hardly hit the south peninsula of Haiti. Airplane Crews estimated that more then 80% of houses in the area were highly damaged or destroyed. The crops were devastated and population left with no food and no clean water. As the Hurricane was to land, The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Corporation organized Mapathons. In parallel, the Haiti OSM community and OSM Leaders from previous Responses coordinated to support the humanitarians and the population of south-west. For the volunteers, the priority was to map the western part of the south peninsula.

Fred Moine who was already in Port-au-Prince organized rapidly UAV missions to assess building damages in hardly hit areas. IOM collaborated with Potentiel 3.0 for flight missions. Nicolas Clarens, a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) covered also various localities. To complete Damage evaluations done from Satellite Imagery, the UAV Images were used to sample some areas and provide more accurate estimates of the portion of houses severly damaged or destroyed. Severin Menard arrived at the end of october to organize field teams for road assessments in the the areas hardly hit by the Hurricane.



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